Summer brings warm days and sunny skies, but it can also mean uncomfortably high temperatures. Staying cool and comfortable becomes a top priority during these scorching months. Thankfully, there are various effective cooling solutions available to help us beat the heat and make the most of the season. 

Must-have Portable Electronic Summer Essentials 

Mist Fans: Mist fans are a type of outdoor cooler, used to bring down the temperature of an outdoor space that gets uncomfortable during the summer. They work by creating a super fine mist of water that is pushed across the outdoor space by the fan’s breeze.  They have a similar design to the handheld mist fans that you carry along with you to outdoor events, but they are larger and can cool a larger space. You can get this type of outdoor cooler on rent from more rentals. 

Air Coolers: An air cooler looks like an air conditioner but works in a different way. Instead of using cooling fluids, it uses cold water to bring down the temperature of the room. It can also function as a humidifier since the water vapour increases the humidity in the room. 

Portable AC: Portable air conditioners, also known as portable ACs work, just like a window or split ac but they offer more flexibility since they can be moved around easily to different areas of a home with minimal effort. Get yourself a portable AC on rent from More Rentals and beat the heat with style.  

Tower AC: A tower AC, short for “Tower Air Conditioner,” is a type of air conditioning unit that is designed to cool the air in a room or space. It gets its name from its tall and slender tower-like shape. Tower ACs are commonly used in residential, office, or commercial settings as a more compact and space-saving alternative to traditional window air conditioners or central air conditioning systems. 

Pedestal Fans: A pedestal fan is a type of electric fan that is designed to be placed on the floor or a raised platform (a pedestal) to provide cooling and improved air circulation in a room or space. It consists of a tall, adjustable stand or pedestal that supports the fan head, which houses the fan blades and motor. 


Summer heat doesn’t have to be unbearable with these must-have cooling solutions. From stylish fans and smart air conditioners to refreshing mist fans and eco-friendly fabrics, there are numerous ways to stay cool and beat the heat in style. Embrace these innovative cooling solutions, and you’ll be able to enjoy the summer months comfortably. 

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