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Portable Air Conditioner (AC) on Rent in Mumbai

About Portable Air Conditioner

A portable air conditioner is a self-contained portable system ideal for temporary cooling solution. They typically sit on the floor with minimum space requirement and have an inbuilt compressor which makes it easy to install. It also has wheels which helps you to move them to different directions making them a nice alternative to window and split units.

We provide 1 TON Portable AC on rent also known as PLUG & PLAY AC or PAC (Portable Air Conditioner).


Key Features:

  • Plug & Play
  • High quality Grill Blade and Framework
  • 90° swing
  • Minimum mist throw of 8 - 10 feet
  • Wheels for easy mobilization
  • Uses of events, weddings, shootings and exhibition etc.

   Rental - ₹ 1,500/Day

FAQs - Portable AC on Rent

A portable air conditioner works in a way similar to a normal air conditioner. It takes in the air in the room, extracts the heat and disperses the cool air back into the room.

It is advisable to use a portable AC without a window but it will be uncomfortable as the warm air will continue to circulate in the room negating the benefits of using the portable air conditioner.

With a single hose unit, all the air goes in and out of a single vent while in a double hose unit, one hose pulls the air in while the other vent lets the air out.

You can get a ac on rent in Mumbai from M.O.R.E Rentals located at Gods Gift Tower, Shop no. 3, Yari Road, Opp Vrundas Residency, Andheri West, Mumbai - 400061, You can also reach us here

You can get a portable standing AC on rent for Rs. 1500/day only, from M.O.R.E rentals.

Choose a location for the air-conditioner preferably near a window to let the warm air out, Check if the adapter kit is sealed well in the window.

  • Install the adapter kit
  • Attach the drainage and ventilation hoses.
  • Plug the AC into the outlet and turn it on to use.

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