We drag out our air coolers every summer and clean them for efficient utility. Over the decades, the designs of all coolers, including personal and desert coolers, have significantly improved and become a lot more durable. With affordability, durability, and energy efficiency features, the cooling remains just as effective, if not more. Even with multiple elements, people always look for tips and tricks to make their coolers work more efficiently. Most of us use air coolers to battle the exhaustive summer heat. They are both cost-effective and also provide much comfort. However, the rising yearly temperatures mean we need to use air coolers more efficiently. We’ve compiled a few simple tips to make your air cooler more practical, so you don’t have to waste your monetary resources to buy a new air cooler every year.

Proper Ventilation:

One of the most efficient ways of using an air cooler is to provide adequate ventilation for it in the room. The general misconception is that air coolers work efficiently if placed in closed spaces like air conditioners. That’s not true. Air cooler on rent work based on evaporation by blowing hot air through cooling pads soaked with water. Hence a smooth airflow is crucial for its cooling. The best possible place to position your air cooler is precisely in front of the window. The hotter the air, the faster the evaporation and the cooler the air is blown out by the fan. It’s also essential to create good ventilation in the room to push the humidity out. To do this, you need to open the windows in the room. Take care not to flare them too wide, increasing the room’s temperature. You can experiment by altering the window a little to enhance the amount of cooling.

Add Ice To Water: 

Another effective way to increase the cooling efficiency is adding ice to the water in the tank. With the principle of evaporation, warm water tends to decrease the cooling efficiency and hinders the evaporative cooling process. Since cold water is closer to room temperature, it works best for the air-cooling system and delivers efficient cooling. Many individuals have already tried it with their coolers. Some air coolers on rent also come with dedicated ice compartments. Adding ice to the water inside the cooler makes the pads cooler, resulting in cool air passing through them. However, it is effective only when seated close to the cooler. Adding ice to the cooler will not help decrease the temperature or humidity in the room in the long run. Also, adding too much ice can cause the evaporation process to slow, hampering the air cooler’s efficiency. This makes it crucial to know when exactly to put ice in the cooler. Adding ice will guarantee to be more efficacious when you’re dealing with very high temperatures.

Maintenance Of The Cooler:

It is essential to check your air cooler before using it. One of the initial things you should do is clean the cooling pads. Over time, they collect pollen and dust. You should use a brush to clean the pads once a week. If much dust has accumulated, the best option would be to replace them. It’s also essential to clean the water tank and ensure no leaks. A quick and swift swipe over the fan blades will help enhance the air cooler’s efficiency. It’s highly advisable to get the air cooler regularly serviced. We prefer professional help as they can help by doing a quick maintenance run and even repairs.

Saturating The Cooling Pads:

One way of assuring instant cooling is allowing the pump to run while filling the cooler tank with water. The pump will automatically run the water through the cooling pads, allowing them to soak it beforehand. You can run the air cooler’s fan after the tank is filled with water. This supports the cooler to cool the air as soon as you turn it on. 

You can do some other things to increase your air cooler’s efficiency. It could be as simple as shutting the drapes in your room to avoid heat entering the room or switching off lights. Ensure you install the air cooler in the right place, where it can lower the temperature effectively while providing cool air to everybody in the room. In such cases, if you haven’t replaced your air cooler in a while or are considering a new one, we have a wide range of air coolers and air conditioners to choose from. Suppose you like renting one, the More Rental’s digital store. Efficient outdoor coolers for rent and an industrial cooler for rent are also available. More Rentals will be happy to help you pick the right one for you. Check out MoreRental’s air cooler range if you want air coolers on rent.