What Are the Advantages of Renting a Tower AC?

Tower AC

Air conditioning solutions have evolved lately, and the introduction of Tower Ac has emerged as a sleek and efficient alternative for cooling indoor spaces. Tower AC Units, characterized by their vertical design and compact footprint, have become increasingly popular for their ability to deliver effective cooling without occupying much floor space. As the demand for […]

7 Tips to Maximise Portable AC’s Cooling

7 Tips to Maximize-Portable ACs Cooling

With the increasing heat, the need for calm and comfortable living space becomes very important, and thus for the same, portable air conditioners have emerged as a flexible and convenient solution. For those searching the web, “Where can I find an AC on rent near me?” It would help if you looked no more because […]

How Does Renting AC Become So Popular in Mumbai? 

AC on Rent in Mumbai

In recent years, renting air conditioners has gained widespread popularity as an efficient and cost-effective solution to beat the heat. This surge in popularity results from evolving lifestyle preferences and economic considerations for individuals and families. The financial flexibility provided by renting allows residents to enjoy the comfort of air conditioning without the substantial upfront […]

Why Opting for AC and Cooler Rentals Is a Smart Choice in Mumbai 


Mumbai is well-known for its sweltering heat and oppressive humidity, particularly during summer. While the allure of this vibrant metropolis is undeniable, the oppressive climate can pose a significant challenge. In these trying times, the availability of coolers on rent has become a game-changer for residents and businesses. This blog delves into why opting for […]

How Does a Mist Fan Work? Everything You Need to Know!  

Mist Fan on Rent - MORE Rentals

Summer isn’t over yet, and if you are someone who enjoys the outdoors, it’s a period worth getting excited for. One thing you cannot escape from during the summer months is the heat. Due to global warming, it is getting warmer and warmer, and too much heat can be dangerous.    Air conditioners are the most […]

Explore the Incredible Features of a High-Quality Pedestal Fan by MORE Rentals

Pedestal Fan

A pedestal fan is an indispensable appliance for home comfort and ventilation, offering a balance of functionality, convenience, and aesthetic appeal. A high-quality pedestal fan combines advanced engineering with user-centric features, ensuring optimal airflow, noise reduction, energy efficiency, and ease of use.   Let’s explore the intricate details that make high-quality pedestal fans a remarkable addition to […]

Must Haves: Portable Electronic Summer Essentials to Beat the Heat & Stay Cool 

Must Haves: Portable Electronic Summer Essentials to Beat the Heat & Stay Cool

Introduction Summer brings warm days and sunny skies, but it can also mean uncomfortably high temperatures. Staying cool and comfortable becomes a top priority during these scorching months. Thankfully, there are various effective cooling solutions available to help us beat the heat and make the most of the season.  Must-have Portable Electronic Summer Essentials  Mist […]

Four Major Benefits of Including a Portable Air Conditioner in Your Outdoor Tent Wedding

Outdoor Ac on Rent

Planning a tent wedding is an exciting and unique way to celebrate your special day. However, the unpredictable nature of outdoor weddings can present challenges, particularly when maintaining a comfortable environment for your guests. One solution that can help combat the heat and ensure everyone stays relaxed and comfortable is to include a portable air […]

Enhance Your Environment’s Comfort by Renting an Air Cooler

Air Coolers on Rent

In today’s fast-paced world, where the scorching heat can be unbearable, finding ways to keep your environment cool and comfortable is essential. One popular solution is to rent an air cooler, a convenient and cost-effective option that provides effective cooling without needing a long-term investment. Whether you need a cooler for your home, outdoor event, […]

Bring Outdoor Event Cooling to the Next Level with a Mist Fan on Rent 

Mist Fan on Rent

As the temperature rises, outdoor events can become a challenging and uncomfortable experience. However, More Rentals offers the perfect solution to beat the heat and bring outdoor event cooling to the next level with a mist fan on rent. This blog will discuss how renting a mist fan from More Rentals can improve your outdoor […]